Neo Consulting Service Co., Ltd.     䉑镢͠髑ŵԩ્ìǔʠᑴ

Accounting Consulting and Services.

ࡕ肇ꠃҦnbsp;                 About Us

             䉑镢͠髑ŵԩ્ìǔʠᑴ ໧㔉ѷ㋩䡒ô钹ǔꕾ ⹺ѭ쯳pan>,⹍͡ẺÐꑭ켯span> ⹡҃๔⹡óվԠȉ, ⹀҉Սҡü/span>, ⹨࠺Ղ㔉ѷ 駍™跕荒㊒蒹ՠ2 ͑맹¨ҹ㡔娊Ӥѭ ᅐ鍁㋩䡒Âѧဒ臹㹻Ð෈

             䉑䴩�駢֩ᗨͻՠ2545 ᅐ䋒çҹⴂ麃ԋ҃蠻繼٩ʍ᭪ՃѺ͹حҵ (CPA: Certified Public Accountant) ࡍặՁ鷕聕ʺ㳬⹇ԪҪվRﳰan> 25 殢sp;  ᨒ婡ũǠґ멺Ô㡑ﳰan>ͧჸ؃輯span>ᢹҴ ન蘃袹Ҵ⧡Ő΅, 㡔钴㋭蠋×͋炧ҹ/ʒ⍧㡔⡵蒧࠷Ȧnbsp; ґ㩍c˩䡒áѺ㡔咡˅҂ࠀⷔન蘃贩ҹ͘⋡Ãl ⹡҃⵨ҧ欠⹍ʑ⃔wÑ젋×͸؃蠩ࠪ蹠㡔㐡ѹ(駪ՇԵᅐǔ耑© ˃׍⹡҃৔໧鹼/span>



                 Neo Consulting Service Co., Ltd. is a public accounting and consulting firm rendering professional services like accounting,   accounting system design and implementation, Special engagement,  tax advisory services in accordance with international standards. It is located at Sathorn Thanee 2 Building at the central of business area in Bangkok and is ready to provide services country wide.

                 It was founded in 2002  and manage by management who is Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and it঵ll time staff complement totals 25 at present.  We are experience in providing services to all sizes of organization from SMEs, enterprises, and branch/units from oversea in Thailand.  We are also familiar with various business categories like Industrial, Trading, Real Estate,  or some specific business such Insurance (both life and general), and securities etc.

                 We have the vision on providing the sincere professional services as your business partner.


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